Absolute Truth Exists

    I implicitly claim that every argument I make demonstrates the existence of an absolute truth. Absolute truth is something that is true independent of any observer. That is, it is true on its own, and does not depend upon the perspective or views of the person who claims the truth. In current thought, it is popular to say that absolute truth does not exist. When a culture says that something is true, it is not really true. It is only that which works for that given culture. For this reason, it is desirable to discuss the existence of absolute truth directly, rather than just by example. We can elegantly prove that absolute truth exists:

        1) Absolute truth does not exist.

        2) To be correct, the previous statement must be an absolute truth.

        3) Statements 1) and 2) contradict, so statement 1) must be changed to "Absolute truth exists."

    What this states, in so many words, is that "Absolute truth does not exist" is a self contradictory statement, and cannot be made true without changing the statement. I have not made any statement about how many absolute truths can be discovered. We must discover them one by one. If this argument makes you uncomfortable, realize that this argument follows directly from the self-consistency of truth.

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