Change List

2012/02/04 Improved readability. Updated The Nicene Creed to match the new standard translation used in the Catholic mass.

2011/08/28 Significant changes (content and format) to the whole site to prepare it for publishing.

2010/06/06  Updated The New Testament is Trustworthy.

2010/06/02  Made significant additions and edits to The Authorship and Dating of the New Testament, including the addition of all of the missing books and more references to the writings of the church fathers.

2010/05/14 Reorganized Understanding Christianity, Using Philosophy to make the interdependencies between the God pathway and the Humans pathway obvious.

2010/05/08  Updated About the Author.   Changed some word choices and improved some explanations in Understanding Christianity, Using Philosophy.  I now refer to the God of the Jews as Elohim, out of respect for Jews policy of not writing the true name of God.  Expanded Jesus Was Love Personified a bit.  Replaced the image on the front page with a better photo.  Added explanatory text to The Nature of God, the Father.

2009/08/09  Significantly expanded Humans Have Free Will to distinguish the kinds of freedom and describe more thoroughly the basis of morality.  Trimmed Contact Information, as it was too effective at reducing mail.

2008/07/05  Added a brief discussion of Reconciliation and Baptism to Jesus is the RedeemerNicene Creed updated.

2008/07/01  Wrote The Marks of the Church.

2007/12/28  Wrote Understanding Humans, Using Philosophy.  I benefited from discussions and debates with James Grivich, Ingrid van Welie, and Sam Maghsoodloo.  Moved some comments from Understanding God, Using Philosophy to the new section.  Added an objection to The Universe is Real.

2007/08/12  Improved free will argument in God is All Loving.

2007/04/14  Rewrote Nothing Exists that is Greater than God.  Modified The God of the Boundaries Exists.

2007/04/01    Wrote The Nature of the Trinity (scripture), and The Trinity (philosophy).  The second of these links used to be called, "The Ways That God Can Love Us," and was much different.  Changed The Holy Spirit is Divine.  Added references to The Boundaries of the Universe and The Universe is Suited for Life.

2007/03/10 Wrote the The Foundations of Christian Knowledge, which includes a defense of the authority of the Catholic Church.  This caused changes in Introduction, About the Author, and Bibliography.

2007/02/04 God is All-Loving rewritten.  There were some structural problems with the section.  I essentially assumed that love is good and did a bad job of defending free will.

2007/01/20  The Nature of God, the Son expanded.  Jesus is Fully Divine expanded, Jesus is Fully Human and Jesus is the Redeemer added.  Nicene creed links updated appropriately.

2006/12/30  Domain name changed to from  I finished my Ph.D., and my old university cut me off.

2006/11/11  Removed statement that there is no greater sin than an atheist rejecting God from The Problem of Bad Christians.  There are worse sins.  Removed statement that executing Satanists is good from The Question of Other Religions.  I no longer believe capital punishment is appropriate.

2006/11/06  I realized that my definition of pantheism was non-standard, so I made some small corrections to Understanding God, using Philosophy.

2006/11/05  Understanding God, using Philosophy section substantially updated.  I have moved all the God is All-(fill-in the blank) items to the new Additional Properties of God section, after the discussion of God's sentience.  This allows a much cleaner description of the All-s. God is All-Loving updated to reflect my more precise understanding of good and evil.  About the Author updated.  I have added a counter-argument to panentheism.  This was motivated by discussions with (arguments against) Blair Reynolds.  Fixed a typo in the Bibliography, and added a reference to a description of the big bang.

2006/09/13  Some stumbling blocks removed from the questions section of the Problem of Pain.  Assistance provided by Joshua Emmanuel Layton-Wood.

2006/03/02  Contact Information updated with a list of "frequent topics."

2006/02/25  The miracle of creation added to Do Miracles Exist?  Minor changes to The Gospel According to Matthew.

2006/01/22  My understanding of God, using Philosophy has substantially improved.  This lead to a substantial reorganization and expansion of that section.  This was partly motivated by discussions with (arguments against) Phillip Beaver.  Many pages have been reorganized from other sections as well.  Introduction expanded. 

2005/12/22 Minor changes to The Problem of Bad Christians.

2005/12/18 The Letters of Paul written.  This caused minor changes to The Authorship and Dating of the New Testament and The New Testament is Trustworthy.  Relevant items added to the bibliography.

2005/12/18 Change list started