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The Rational Faith    We are lost in the wilderness: the wilderness of willful ignorance, irrationality, and millions of babbling voices which speak but do not listen. As our power over the physical world grows, our understanding of the spiritual world disintegrates.

    Many who still seek truth see no sure guide. Does God exist? If so, who or what is God? What is human? Are the writings of scripture an arrow pointing to God, or merely pious fairy tales? If scripture is to be accepted, what can it tell us about God? If we accept and love God, how can we trust that what we know of God is correct?

    The Rational Faith rises to these questions and more by feeding the intellect with the nutrients that it requires. Assumptions are kept to an absolute minimum. The order and dependencies of every argument are carefully laid out. Taking guidance from physics, neuroscience, philosophy, history, scripture, and theology, this book systematically demonstrates the fundamental rationality of the Catholic faith.


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    Note that the contents from the site are largely identical to the contents of the book. I've only made changes to suit the strengths of each medium. So, you may ask, why buy the book?

1) The book is more polished and stable.

2) A book is easier read from the couch or on an airplane.

3) Purchases will encourage me to write more, because it will confirm to me that the work is of value to you.

However, if you are poor or do not find the work valuable, feel no obligation to purchase.

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